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Chong conducts spot check on bags

On Wednesday    03-01-2018 07:11:00

SEREMBAN: A visit to some schools here showed that not all pupils are carrying heavy school bags, which may mean that verna­cular schools are adhering to a circu­lar on limiting the use of workbooks.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon visited SJK(C) Sin Hua to check whether vernacular schools were adhering to the circular.

Chong, who was surprised to see some of the pupils with a heavy load, said he hoped that schools would abide by the ministry’s directive that pupils from Years One to Three were not made to use workbooks.

“Some of them came with heavy bags today because they brought all their textbooks since it was the first day of school.

“We have sent officers to every school to ensure they comply with the directive,” he said.

Chong said these pupils should bring fewer books to school once their respective timetables were out.

Under the directive, pupils from Years Four to Six are only allowed one workbook per core subject like Mathematics, Science and Chinese or Tamil.

The ministry issued the directive last October to put an end to the rampant heavy bag phenomenon in Chinese schools, as well as to lighten the financial burden of parents.

Chong, who visited SK KGV earlier in the day, said the pupils there brought fewer books to school.

-The Star-

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