1MCA Member Group Insurance Scheme

On Monday    09-02-2015 16:51:00


The MCA Presidential Council had at its meeting held on 9th January 2018 resolved to purchase a Group Accidental Insurance policy for our party members so as to provide members with insurance protection. However, party members must complete the application form to join the scheme. The premium of the said insurance shall be borne by the MCA Headquarters and party members shall enjoy the coverage free of charge.


Terms & Conditions

1.    Eligibility of Applicant

       i. Existing insured Members who applied as of 2017 will continue to enjoy the benefits under the scheme.

       ii. Applicants must have at least 3 years membership and subscription fee paid up to year 2018.

      iii. Members who first applied for the insurance scheme in 2018 must not exceed the age of 80 (born before 1938);

      iv. Any member whose membership has been withdrawn, terminated or suspended shall not be eligible to apply for this scheme.


2.    Application Procedures

       i. The applicant must complete an “MCA Member Group Insurance Scheme” Form and submit it to the MCA HQ Secretariat together with the following required documents:

           a) A photocopy of the MyKad of the applicant (both sides).

           b) A photocopy of the MyKad or Passport of the beneficiary’s/nominee (both sides).

       ii. All incomplete forms/documents will not be accepted.

      iii. Forms can be downloaded from the MCA website at www.mca.org.my.


3.    Enforcement of the Insurance Policy

       i. The master policy shall take effect from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018.

      ii. The coverage of the policy shall take effect upon the receipt and acceptance of the duly completed forms which have been forwarded to the Insurance Company and shall be in force.


4.    Payment of Sum Assured

        i. Accidental Death   : RM10,000

       ii. Total Disability       : RM10,000

           a. Loss of both hands or feet or sight of both eyes

           b. Loss of one hand and one foot

           c. Loss of either hand or foot and of one eye

           d. Total paralysis or being permanently bedridden

           e. Permanent total disablement from engaging in or attending to employment or occupation of every description.

           f. Disappearance for more than 1 year due to a cause

       iii. Partial Disability    : RM5,000

            a. Loss of either hand or foot

            b. Loss of sight of one eye

       iv. Bereavement Allowance: RM2,000 (All Causes)



This Policy does not cover any result directly or indirectly caused by or consequent upon:-

    a. participating in hazardous and dangerous sport or competition such as hunting, climbing or mountaineering which require the use of ropes or guides, aviation except as passenger or crew in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft, racing of any kind other than on foot, speed or reliability trials, parachuting, hand gliding, potholing sport where participants explore underground caves, aqualung or scuba diving, taking part in winter sports, skating of any kind, rock-climbing.



5.    Nominee / Beneficiary

      i.  Must at least 18 years of age and above.

      ii.  Must be a next of kin such as spouse, children, parents or siblings, etc.

      iii.  Not applicable to anyone who is a drug addict, gambler, bankrupt or a person with low morals

      iv.  Maximum of 2 nominees are allowed (the % of shares therein must be indicated clearly)


6.    Witnesses

       i. Witnesses can either be the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Youth Chief and Wanita Chief of the respective States/Divisions/Branches

      ii. All MPs, State Assemblymen, District and Municipal Councilors

     iii. All Executive Secretaries of the respective States and Divisions

     iv. All Staff of MCA Headquarters.


7.   Claims Procedures

       i. All life assured /beneficiary must within 60 days after the occurrence of the Disability or Death submit the duly completed “Claim Form” to the party HQ for checking and thereafter to be forwarded to the Insurance Company for processing. The Claims Form may be downloaded from the official website of MCA at www.mca.org.my.

       ii. The documents required to be enclosed are as follows:-

            a. Bereavement Allowance

                 i. Death Certificate;

                 ii. A photocopy of the MyKad or Passport of the Beneficiary (both sides)

                 iii. A copy of Bank Statement or Passbook of the Beneficiary

             b. Accidental Death

                 i. Death Certificate;

                ii. Medical Report or Full Post Mortem Report;

               iii. Police Report;

               iv. Driving License if it involved a road accident

                v. A photocopy of the MyKad or Passport of the Beneficiary (both sides)

               vi. A copy of Bank Statement or Passbook of the Beneficiary

              c. Total & Partial Disability

                  i. Medical Certificate;

                 ii. X-Ray if there is severance od any part of body;

                iii. Photos showing the amputation part of the body /

                    Photos of the injured part of the body;

                iv. Police report if it involved a road accident;

                 v. Driving License if it involved a road accident

                vi. A photocopy of MyKad or Passport of the beneficiary (both sides)

               vii. A copy of Bank Statement or Passbook of the Beneficiary

        iii. All claims will be made via e-payment to the beneficiary after having been verified by the Insurance Company that all particulars (including bank account details) and documents as given are complete and are free from any mistakes.


8.   Enquiries

         i. MCA HQ Group Insurance Secretariat – Vincent Kee (03-2203 3921)

        ii. All completed forms & its duplicate documents must send to: 

MCA HQ – MGIS Secretariat

9th Floor, Wisma MCA

163, Jalan Ampang

50450 Kuala Lumpur


**MCA HQ reserves the right to amend all rules and regulations whichever deemed necessary.