1MCA Medical Foundation

On Tuesday    10-02-2015 09:30:00

Guidelines For 1MCA Medical Foundation

1. Objective

The following guidelines aim to specify the conditions and the types of assistance for consideration under the 1MCA Medical Foundation.

2. Conditions for eligibility.

  1. Citizen of Malaysia;
  2. Patients with limited financial capacity to pay medical expenses as endorsed by a member of the MCA Divisional Committee

3. Types of Assistance

  1. Partial contribution for medical treatment cost involving facilities not available at government hospitals;
  2. Partial contribution for the purchase of medications not supplied by government hospitals;
  3. Partial contribution for the purchase of medical equipment or equipment for rehabilitation and functional upgrading purposes not supplied and unable to be supplied by government hospitals; and
  4. Partial contribution for emergency treatment & surgery in private hospitals.

4. Concept of Assistance

a.     Assistance provided inclusive of cost of treatment, laboratory tests and medications.

b.   Treatment carried out within Malaysia only.

c.     The treatment must conform to the guidelines provided by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) which would be amended and updated from time to time.

d.    To complement or supplement government efforts to assist poor patients.

e.     The Foundation provides one-time contribution only.

5. Modes of payment

  1. Payment for the approved assistance will be made directly to the medical centers/ medical suppliers via the patient and MCA leaders; and
  2. Payment for transport, subsistence and lodging expenses will be made directly to the patient/service providers via the patient and MCA leaders.

6. Types of assistance not considered

a.     Treatment for infertility;

b.    New treatment methods of which the effectiveness has yet to be proven;

c.     Plastic surgeries for the purposes of functional upgrading or restoration will be considered. However, aesthetic surgeries will not be considered.

7.  Limit of assistance

a) Due to limitation of the fund collected for this Foundation, the maximum amount of
contribution to each patient shall be limited as follows :-

i.     Patient who has received assistance from other funds shall be limited to a maximum of not more than RM 10,000.00

ii.    Patient who has not received any assistance from any fund shall be limited to a maximum of not more than RM 20,000.00

b) For dialysis, our assistance will be limited to no more than RM2,000 (only for
AVF procedure)

c) Those with medical insurance are not entitled to the above assistance.

8.  Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents must be attached to the application:-

  1. Photocopy of Identity Card/ or Birth Certificate (for children);
  2. Doctor’s medical report. The report must specify the type of illness diagnosed, treatments received, recommended treatment, the location and estimated cost of treatment;
  3. Supporting letter from member of the MCA Divisional Committee; and
  4. Latest pay slip and EPF statement (for applicants who were once employed or are employed)

9.  Application Forms

  1. Download application forms.
  2. Completed application forms must be sent to the following address :-

Ms Christina Seah

MCA Headquarters
9th Floor, Wisma MCA
163, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03-2203 3916
Fax No: 03-2163 5715
Email: medical@mca.org.my