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DAP-led Penang state govt neglects Chinese community

On Tuesday    05-12-2017 16:50:00

5 Dec 2017


Press Statement by Penang MCA Secretary Tang Heap Seng



DAP-led Penang state govt neglects Chinese community


The Penang state government disdains the Chinese community and has absolutely no sense of responsibility towards the passing of Chinese culture. Chinese voters must overthrow the Penang Pakatan Harapan state government in the upcoming general election.


Even though Penang the Chinese Clans Association (PCCA) earlier had some unpleasant matters with the Penang government, in the spirit of uniting the Chinese community, its President Dr Chang Wei Lu still chose to humble himself and asked the state on 22 November whether the state is going to co-organise Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2018 with PCCA.


However, the 7-day response deadline has expired and the DAP-led state government still has not openly declared whether to support the Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2018. Even PCCA has repeatedly sent letters to the state government, but still no response has been forthcoming up till now from the state government. After all, what does DAP regard the Chinese community as? The Chinese New Year is the most important festival for the Chinese community in Malaysia. But the DAP-led state government has completely ignored it. It is so important for Penang Chinese New Year Celebration to be held, but the Penang tate government feels no responsibility for it. DAP really just used Chinese voters to vote for PAS and dumped them aside after that!


If Penang state government does not support the Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2018, the Penang Chinese community will find another solution. By that time, DAP must not come forward and blame Pthe enang Chinese community as not having co-organised the event with the state government.


Facts have proven that the Penang Chinese community has always sought to cooperate with the Penang PH state government. However, the state government did not give any consideration to the Penang Chinese community. The state also showed no interest in holding a Chinese festival. They scorned the Chinese but kept granting money to please another race!


This type of state government is not worth the support of Chinese voters. In addition, the 50, Love Lane issue, is another example of a DAP-led state government which burns the bridge after crossing it. The Penang state government has made it impossible for PCCA to take over our ancestors’ legacy and the only solution now is to go through legal procedures. How sad and sorrowful for the Penang Chinese community!


DAP has not only failed to take care of the Chinese community, but has also tried its best to split the Chinese community. Chinese voters must see the truth and deal the Pakatan Harapan a smashing blow in the upcoming general election.


Ir Tang Heap Seng
MCA Penang State Liaison Committee Secretary

-MCA online-

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