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Why do CCTVs installed by MBPP cost hundreds times higher than market prices?

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6 Feb 2018

Press Statement by Komtar MCA Task Force chief Tan Hing Teik

Why do CCTVs installed by MBPP cost hundreds times higher than market prices?


Komtar MCA Task Force chief Tan Hing Teik pointed out that MBPP had spent RM12.8 million installing 216 closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV). In other words, one CCTV camera costed RM59,259. It is hundreds of times higher compared with the market price of installing one CCTV camera of just a few hundred Ringgit!

"According to a Buletin Mutiara report on 11 May 2016, MBPP installed 216 CCTV cameras costing RM12.8 million then. I very much support the efforts of the MBPP in building a safe city, but their improper expenses are incredulous. "

Tan Hing Teik said that according to his inquiries, the average cost per CCTV camera (including wires and labour) was about RM600. "Why is the cost of CCTV cameara installed by MBPP so sky rocket high?"

He asked the MBPP to explain, including whether the expenses included the establishment of a control and monitoring system?

"DAP Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai recently criticised the Kuala Lumpur City Hall for spending RM19.3 million to install a total of 1,500 CCTV cameras at its Public Housing and People Housing Project flats. He said it was too expensive. Why not he comes to DAP-led Penang and see the cost of RM59,259 for a CCTV camera? Penang's CCTV camera is 5 times more expensive than Kuala Lumpur?"

"This is a far cry in Penang. Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigators have recently been probing the alleged discrepancies in Penang's undersea tunnel project believe the costing for the design and feasibility study of the project are overpriced. Now, it has again been revealed that the cost of a CCTV camera is hundreds of times higher than the market price. Why is it so expensive? I believe Penangites know perfectly well!"

He believes that besides CCTV cameras, many other projects by Penang government may also be the case, just no one has exposed them yet. "In the end, the Penang government's pockets are full of money and the vast majority of Penangites suffer from it." He urged the Penang government to come clean on the case !

Tan Hing Teik
Komtar MCA Task Force chief Tan Hing Teik

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