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Cease the lies and mud-slinging, Howard Lee. Listen to the people and follow the law.

On Wednesday    06-11-2019 17:26:00

6 Nov 2019


Press statement by MCA National Youth Chairperson Nicole Wong Siaw Ting


Cease the lies and mud-slinging, Howard Lee. Listen to the people and follow the law.


Instead of participating in mud-slinging politics, DAPSY Howard Lee should take a moment and reflect. The objective of the Tanjung Piai by-election, is one borne of the people’s wish to send a message to the Pakatan Harapan government, calling for better governance by keeping Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and his Bersatu party’s power in check.


It is appalling to see that DAPSY Howard Lee had turned a blind eye to the times the Pakatan Harapan government had signed deals via direct negotiation; yet the moment a Barisan Nasional candidate stands to contest, all kinds of dubious accusations are hurled alongside Bersatu to decrease his popularity.


BN candidate Wee Jeck Seng has never once tried to escape the VEP subject, and has clearly explained the truth relating to the matter. If there still remain any question marks, I urge Howard to carefully finish reading the 2017 Auditor-General's Report. Everything is written black and white, whereby the contracted company had proven it had more than RM3 million of funding instead of the RM35 that he claimed in his lying statement.


This also proves that, Howard did not bother to fact check before making accusations. Moreover, the PAC chair has also forewarned parties not to bring up this issue during the by-election period.


As a serving politician, it is fundamental for Howard to hold a certain level of professionalism in his conduct, and do his research before making claims.


If we follow Howard’s logic, that would mean that Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng must also fully clear his name with regards to the Penang Undersea Tunnel project scandal, and the Bungalow purchase scandal before he can be appointed for any positions.


And yet, Guan Eng was appointed as Finance Minister DESPITE his corruption case still being in court.


When Lim Guan Eng’s Bungalow case was suddenly dropped later, even the MACC was shocked. Where was Howard Lee then?


Besides, in the defamation suit by Lim Guan Eng against former Gerakan chief Jason Loo Jieh Sheng, Lim said that the hospital was a high-value investment, and hence the land was not offered for sale by open tender. The Penang state during Lim Guan Eng’s leadership, not every land deal was made through open tender, e.g. when the state government sold land to IKEA without open tender.


Howard Lee must stop confusing himself. The mission for this by-election, is a means for the people to send a message to Tun Mahathir and Bersatu, in an effort to curb their governing inefficiencies. So why does Howard Lee wish to go against the current, and become their accomplice, the people’s enemy?


The Pakatan Harapan government has been in office for 18 months, and the Rakyat’s days have much worsened, yet Howard has the audacity to blame the previous administration. Shares are plummeting, palm oil is on a decline, while the Ringgit remains an underperformer, and inflation of goods chokes the Rakyat. Where is the PH government in all these? Why does PH choose to ignore these issues, but instead create a castle of lies and slander to attack the opposition?


The greatest concern in Malaysia now is the perpetuation of racial issues by Bersatu. When PH organised a Malay Dignity Congress in a public university, DAP kept quiet. In addition to that, Lim Guan Eng himself has also made inflammatory remarks in the party’s meeting in Johor. Now then, on what grounds can DAP and DAPSY speak of multiracialism and openness? As the government of the day which controls the flow of resources, it is truly a distasteful performance to resort to inciting racial issues and threatening remarks just to garner votes.


Additionally, the Parliament Public Accounts committee has issued a statement that using the VEP issue as a campaign issue is against Parliament rules.


So, Howard Lee should follow the rule of law and stop with his lies or risk being hauled up by the authorities.


Nicole Wong Siaw Ting

MCA National Youth Chairperson


-MCA Online-

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