DAP-led Penang state govt neglects Chinese community
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DAP’s dirty tactics, slander, claim credit and slander again!

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6 December 2017

Press statement by MCA Publicity Bureau Chairman Senator Dato’ Chai Kim Sen

DAP’s dirty tactics, slander, claim credit and slander again!

DAP’s dirty tactics in handling the issue involving government grants for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) warrants criticism as the opposition party first claimed that the institution was not getting any grants, then quickly claimed credit for themselves when they found out the grant actually existed, but smeared MCA again by saying that the amount was only RM30 million.  

It must be stressed that, as a result of adjustments in the government’s 2018 Budget, grants for all public universities would be lower. However, the most important point is that, TAR UC is the only non-public university college to receive government grants. Therefore, it is hoped DAP will halt scolding just for the sake of scolding and deliberately mislead the Chinese community.

DAP is now hysterical. Lim Guan Eng, Teo Kok Seong, Teresa Kok and others chose to ignore facts and logic but selectively picked on issues to attack MCA all-out.

The Rocket must be condemned for not only failing to apologise over their wrongful claim that TAR UC was not given any grants, but also slandering that MCA did not raise the grants issue. Furthermore, DAP must be rebuked for continuing to make U-turn to find issues to attack MCA and divert attention.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard DAP tries to divert attention, they can never cover-up the incompetency by the state government led by Lim Guan Eng in handling the landslide and floods issues. It is incumbent upon Guan Eng to clarify, as to why is the report by State Commission of Inquiry still yet to be completed 40 days after the Tanjung Bungah workplace landslide which claimed 11 lives? Will it suffer the same fate as the under-sea tunnel project feasibility study which is akin to a stone dropped into the sea?

For the floods in Penang, what are the actual injuries and casualties? And what is the total donation amount secured by DAP and how many victims have benefited? Is there any measures undertaken to prevent the flood disaster from recurrence? Guan Eng must make it clear as all this issues concern people’s lives and welfare.

Senator Dato’ Chai Kim Sen
MCA Publicity Bureau Chairman
Deputy National Organising Secretary

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