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Who lied? Wong Tack or Free Malaysia Today?

On Wednesday    07-03-2018 12:31:00

7 March 2018

Press statement by MCA Publicity Spokesperson Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker

Who lied? Wong Tack or Free Malaysia Today?

1.         The thing about DAP is that they can lie through their teeth and still put on a straight face. Free Malaysia Today (FMT) had reported Wong Tack’s statement on 28 February 2018 and again his quote was quoted by former DAP Member of Parliament Dr. Kua Kia Soong as follows :

lot of people think the Chinese are upset with Mahathir. That is not true. The Chinese are very practical, business-minded people.

“During Mahathir’s rule, there might have been a few people who were oppressed, but at the same time all the businesses were doing well. They can accept some corruption as long as everyone lives prosperously together....”

2.         After a few days when Wong Tack chose to remain silent or accept his published quotes, I had then reprimanded Wong Tack for putting Chinese businessman in a bad light which was reported in FMT as follows:


3.         Wong Tack had not only failed to clarify his statement or admit his mistake but had chosen to keep quiet sheepishly until I was compelled to come to the rescue of the Chinese community dignity and pointed out that Wong Tak is wrong and the Chinese community in actual fact detested abuses of power and corruption by officials.

4.         Thereafter Wong Tack came out in the typical DAP self-righteous style and accused me of twisting his words . Instead of admitting his wrongs, he accused me of deliberately distorting what he had said. How could I do so if I was referring to his quotes published by FMT and repeated by Dr. Kua Kia Soong?


5.         Not only did Wong Tack not apologise to the Chinese community for misrepresenting them but he has the audacity to add to his earlier statement by saying that it was not about the Chinese community but Chinese businessmen who were close to MCA and the Barisan Nasional (BN) government. This is typically how DAP rudely and arrogantly distorts and abuses others.

6.         I must say it is either FMT which had misquoted Wong Tack or he is lying through his teeth. If FMT had actually misquoted him, why didn’t Wong Tack ask for a correction?

7.         Lastly, I challenge FMT to publish the recordings of Wong Tack’s statement and report them in verbatim. It is either Wong Tack who is lying or FMT which is professionally wanting?

8.         FMT must rise to this challenge as its credibility is at stake.


Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker
MCA Publicity Spokesperson (English / Bahasa Malaysia)
MCA Central Committee Member

-MCA online-

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