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MCA to host LIVE Political Debate on 20 Aug

On Wednesday    10-08-2022 14:23:00

10 August 2022

Press statement by MCA Secretary-General Datuk Chong Sin Woon

MCA to host LIVE Political Debate on 20 Aug

On 20 August 2022 (Saturday) 8:00 pm, MCA will be organising a political debate in Dewan San Choon, Wisma MCA. Famous local debaters will represent both sides of the debate “Forming Political Alliances Before Or After Elections – Which Is Better For Malaysia’s Politics”.

The debate will be conducted in Mandarin, and we hope that this political debate can achieve the following effects:

1. Raise political awareness amongst Malaysians, and stimulate the people to think in different angles about democracy and the current political developments;

2. Help the audience to gain a more comprehensive yet in-depth insight on the topic through the presented questions and answers in the debate;  

3. Draw the electorate back into a more healthy and rational state, with a more constructive focus on policies and governance.

Witnessing the past 2 - 3 years of political unrest, Malaysians have turned to two extremes: complete apathy towards politics, or very strong resentment towards politics.

MCA is a believer that politics should not be a divisive element, but instead an opportunity for the people to unite together for a common goal, in pursuit of universal values such as freedom, democracy, and justice, for the sake of a better future.

The debaters on that night are all local university graduates, while the moderator and emcee are also debaters from their respective secondary schools.

The judges for the event are: MCA Deputy President cum Deputy Minister of Education Dato' Dr. Mah Hang Soon, New Era University College Department of Chinese Language & Literature Professor Prof. Onn Huann Jan, veteran debater Victor Gu, and social commentator Dr. Lim Yew Chien. In addition, MCA President cum Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ir. Dr. Wee Ka Siong will be the special guest for the closing ceremony and awards ceremony.

The Pocketimes will also be promoting this event through their channels.

University/college students, secondary school students and parents of secondary school students may redeem free tickets, while the public may purchase tickets priced at RM20 and RM10 for different seating zones. All proceeds will be donated to the Kampar UTAR Hospital construction fund.

For any enquiries about ticket redemption or purchase, please contact the MCA Secretariat: Janet (03-2203 3974) or Suzzane (03-2203 3963).

Other than that, Malaysians can also watch the debate LIVE on MCA’s official Facebook page and other cross-posted pages including Pocketimes, Feng Ren Guan, Ao Xiang Tian Ji, and Zee How Chinese.

-MCA Online-

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