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Unqualified Minister looking to shift blame onto MCA instead of addressing issue

On Tuesday    10-09-2019 18:05:00

10 September 2019


Press Statement by MCA Youth National Deputy Chairperson Tan Chee Hiong



Unqualified Minister looking to shift blame onto MCA instead of addressing issue


Who is the government now? Who holds the power to exercise authority?


Both questions are rhetorical. This is why it is baffling for Lim Guan Eng, the Finance Minister of a nation, to sit back and do nothing about what he perceives as a movement to boycott non-Muslim goods but attributes all blame to MCA.


MCA’s stance on boycotts has been unchanging. We believe that boycotts are irrational actions that undermine national economy and interest. If there is indeed a boycott campaign going on fueled by racial and religious sentiments, Lim Guan Eng should be utilising powers that comes his finance portfolio to rectify the issue; instead of spending his days chasing a boogeyman.


Otherwise, it becomes clearer by the day, that from the start Lim Guan Eng is merely stoking racial fire before realising too late that it had become too hot for his hands and pass the blame onto MCA. Such perfidious yet clumsy attempt at political maneuvering is unbefitting of a Finance Minister.


As a member of the Cabinet, it should have been well within a capacity to put an end to any activity detrimental to racial relations. It is absurd for Lim Guan Eng to employ a wait-and-see approach towards an issue, while fervently trying to pin the blame on MCA. Same goes to the rest of DAP’s Cabinet lineup whose careers centered around silence. What is the use of having ministers when they are deaf and dumb and too incapacitated to do anything?


Tan Chee Hiong

MCA Youth National Deputy Chairperson


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