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On Tuesday    11-06-2019 16:26:00

11 June 2019

Press statement by MCA Youth Spokesperson Lee Yee Yuan

62 APs prove Pakatan’s hypocrisy on plastic wastes imports

MCA Youth urges Minister of Energy, Science, Technology and Climate Change YB Yeo Bee Yin to reveal the namelist of the 62 local companies which have been issued permits to import and process plastic wastes as well as their respective locations so that residents may monitor their operations.

MCA Youth fully supports Yeo’s announcement to eradicate plastics wastes imports from abroad, such as, from the UK, Bangladesh and others. Nevertheless, the recent disclosure that 62 companies hold Approved Permits (APs) to import and process plastic wastes renders Yeo’s announcement as purely rhetoric and an outward appearance.

Wemi Kalsuna Katerun, Deputy Director of the National Solid Waste Management Department (NSWMD) within the Housing and Local Government Ministry, has confirmed that permits have been issued to 62 local companies to import plastic wastes.

The said report is shocking, and many citizens are disappointed that Yeo whom prior to this appeared stern in rejecting the entry of plastic wastes, is suddenly drawn in political plays.

It is also strange as to why, prior to this, Yeo did not announce the existence of the said 62 local plastic wastes imports companies.

Any government department policy and effort should be discussed and coordinated in advance. In this context, the government is urged to establish a special committee consisting of the related departments to research methods to overcome the entry of plastic wastes from overseas, to ensure that government efforts and taxpayers’ funds are not simply squandered for political shadow plays.

Irrespective of situation, the wellbeing of citizens and the environment must take precedence.

Lee Yee Yuan
MCA Youth Spokesperson

-MCA online-

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