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Rehabilitate Zamihan first

On Saturday    11-11-2017 08:57:00

11 November 2017

Press statement by MCA Publicity Spokesman (English/Bahasa Malaysia) cum Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker

Rehabilitate Zamihan first

JAKIM preacher Zamihan Mat Zin should be the first to be rehabilitated as he himself is not fit to treat detained local militants in the country.  

Zamihan’s behaviour was evident that he did not understand the meaning of living in a multi-ethnic country. His position must be replaced by someone else.

It was said that his expertise is to work and help deradicalise the militants but I think we should hire someone else. Someone with no prejudice against other religion or race. Someone who understands the meaning of living in a multi-ethnic country.

His statement and his behaviour do not reflect that he is able to help deradicalise militants. He is arrogant and he disrespected our royal institution by making unnecessary statements to the Rulers.

We urge the government not to justify his behaviour nor to defend Zamihan as the person who is able to help the militants as this will only cause the public to hate the government in power.

The government must not protect him. It will only backfire the government and give the opposition the chance to justify that indeed Zamihan is protected by certain ‘godfathers’. He must not be shielded. What is wrong is wrong and we cannot justify it just because he is an expert in deradicalising militants.

There are other experts too in this country. Let them be the one to help deradicalise militants. Zamihan must not have direct contact with the militants because he himself is the problem. He himself must be cured first.

Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker
MCA Publicity Spokesman (English/Bahasa Malaysia)
MCA Religious Harmony Bureau

-MCA online-

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