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DAP-led Penang govt should address the recurring flood problem immediately

On Saturday    11-11-2017 11:12:00

11 November 2017

Press statement by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Secretary Chris Daniel Wong

DAP-led Penang govt should address the recurring flood problem immediately

Now that the flood water is receding, it is time to examine what caused the most devastating flood in Penang.

Although many acknowledged that it is caused by extreme weather but the multiple hillslope development together with bad town planning were also found to have contributed to landslide occurrence. As Dr. Lim Mah Hui, the former Penang Island city councillor puts it, the Penang government has approved 56 hillslope projects, to which DAP executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow has admitted that these projects have already taken place.

The Penang state government can pay RM305mil for some paper work for the incomplete undersea tunnel study but has merely allocated RM2.5mil for 33 emergency mitigation projects. Another RM275mil was allocated to build badminton courts and swimming pools. Even the state reserves were earmarked as bonuses for civil servants. But why not make flood mitigation a priority in the state administration?

Many People applauded the state government’s move of allocating a special RM100mil "Pulau Pinang Bangkit" post disaster fund to aid restoration effort. But why the developers’ interest still come first, which ultimately led to the widening bald spot on Penang Hill? The RM100mil taxpayers’ money could be spared in the first place if the state government heeded the advices of Citizens Awareness Chant Group and other NGOs.

Why do the state government officials continue to deflect the meaning of flat lands and hillslope gradient to further confuse the people?

Why the state government does not heed the orange alert warning given by the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET) on 1 Nov and the subsequent yellow alert on 4 Nov?

There is a fine line between being a politician and a being a bureaucrat. Many of these elected politicians in Penang still behave like the opposition instead of an administrant.

I urge the DAP-led Penang government to stop rationalising their mistakes and start doing something to address the recurring flood problem in the state.

Chris Daniel Wong

MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Secretary

MCA Lembah Pantai Division Deputy Youth Chairman

-MCA Online-

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