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LCS issue: Pakatan’s latest drama to win support?

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12 August 2022


Press statement by MCA Spokesperson Mike Chong Yew Chuan


LCS issue: Pakatan’s latest drama to win support?

The Public Accounts Committee report regarding the procurement of six littoral combat ships (LCS) has once again driven Malaysia’s politics into a frenzy and also into the global spotlight.


In the latest development, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri announced that the Cabinet has called for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to speed up investigations into the LCS scandal, and if strong evidence is obtained, the Attorney-General should proceed to charge the individuals responsible in court.


MCA welcomes this announcement, and hopes that no stone will be left unturned because Malaysians nationwide are awaiting the truth. Furthermore, considering that national assets are involved, MCA hopes that no double standards will be practised; whoever was responsible must be charged accordingly regardless of background and social status.


Besides that, those who openly slander others regarding the LCS scandal should also be punished according to the provisions under the Penal Code. This is because fake news can sometimes escalate into fights and cause people to turn against each other.


Nevertheless, it is strange how Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders are wildly accusing the government even though back in October 2018, it was PH’s former Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong himself who attended the keel laying ceremony for the fourth Royal Malaysian Navy LCS.


It is impossible for YB Liew Chin Tong to be oblivious. PH suspended the project, yet PH is asking why the ships are behind schedule. Besides, why didn’t PH as the federal government do anything back then? Is this just another political skit in preparation for GE-15?


MCA reiterates that the investigation into the LCS scandal should be conducted immediately, and if necessary, the formation of a Royal Commissions of Investigation.


This will prove to the public that the accused BN leaders are not afraid to be investigated and charged if found guilty.


Mike Chong Yew Chuan

MCA Spokesperson

-MCA Online-

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