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On Friday    12-08-2022 16:42:00

12 August 2022

Press statement by MCA Spokesperson Mike Chong Yew Chuan

Fighting the ‘mat rempit’ menace: Amendment to Road Transport Act for the benefit of all

he Ministry of Transport (MOT)’s proposal to amend the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333) to curb illegal races and ‘mat rempit’ was met with a wide range of different reaction by the public.

Among the proposed amendments include higher fines from RM300 to a minimum of RM5,000 up to RM10,000; prison terms up to 15 years, and also punishing parents or guardians who allow these underaged persons to participate in illegal races.

The amendment also empowers action against audience of illegal motorcycle races and owner of workshops responsible for motorcycle modifications used for these illegal races.

MCA understands that some parents may feel uneasy about these proposed amendments. However, the issue of illegal races should be taken seriously because these activities are considered reckless driving which endangers the riders’ own lives and others.

Some people have suggested that a race track be built for these ‘mat rempit’. The question is, will these racers be satisfied? After all, it is a known fact that the risk of their own safety is an inseparable part of the thrill for these daredevils.

Furthermore, how many race tracks will suffice, and how many for each state? The construction, operation, and maintenance of these tracks will be a massive sink, consuming an extraordinary amount of taxpayers’ money and resources.

Hence, MCA believes that the harsher penalties proposed will serve to teach these youngsters to learn from their actions without troubling others.

MCA also places our trust in MOT, helmed by Datuk Seri Ir. Dr. Wee Ka Siong, as well as the related agencies to continue giving their best efforts in handling this issue. More awareness campaigns will naturally be necessary to advocate the importance of road safety. Enforcement at public roads should also continue to curb these illegal races.

Let us all play our individual role and come together as a society which is more prudent and caring about personal safety on the road. Especially for families with children under 18, we hope that the parents will be supportive yet strict in parenting, so that they can be grow up responsibly and overcome challenges in the future.

Mike Chong Yew Chuan

MCA Spokesperson

-MCA Online-

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