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What happened to Wong Tack’s fire?

On Monday    12-11-2018 14:49:00

Press statement by MCA Vice President Datuk Tan Teik Cheng


What happened to Wong Tack’s fire?


I have a question for Bentong MP Wong Tack. Since he had described the public hearing with Lynas as a failure, will he now finally carry out his long-unfulfilled vows to “set fire” to rare earth refinery, or has another U-turn happened there?


For too long, Wong Tack has exploited the hallowed title of  “environment activist” to acquire support from the people. Yet, as soon as Pakatan Harapan came into power, he has all but lost his fire to engage against Lynas. From a frenzied threat of committing arson back then, to now his impotent mewling of the “failure” that is Lynas’ public hearing.  


Wong Tack previously alleged that he had information on secret dealings between the previous regime with the Department of Environment and the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB). We urge him to pass on these secrets to the police and MACC. After all, talk is cheap; action is what that really matters.


In the past, to alleviate the people’s concerns regarding radioactive waste, the previous government had organised similar hearings that involved experts and scholars on the subject matter.  The difference being previously we had an attention seeker staging drama after drama using the topic of Lynas; an undeniable drama king who is now much subdued, only lightly described the recent hearing as a failure. He no longer share with us what he vows to do next, and amuse us with his grand plans that includes but not limited to arsons.


It looks like the curtain is about to drop on Wong Tack’s acting career, and his bogus “champion of the green” identity all but exposed for what it truly is.


Datuk Tan Teik Cheng
MCA Vice President

-MCA Online-

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