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In Cabinet but can’t do anything? Kulasegaran has failed Indira & all others who voted PH in

On Wednesday    13-02-2019 17:36:00

13 Feb 2019

Press statement by Wanita MCA Chairman Datuk Heng Seai Kie

In Cabinet but can’t do anything? Kulasegaran has failed Indira & all others who voted PH in


It saddens me that my fellow Perakian who from humble beginnings has now made it to be Minister of Human Resources and who had represented Indira Gandhi in her fight against her ex-husband Muhammad Ridzuan @ Pathmanathan, appears to have dropt the case like a hot potato.

It seems that the Cabinet appointment has gone to YB Kulasegaran’s head.

For so long DAP had been in the Opposition and portrayed themselves as championing the rights of the underdog.

But now when they have been voted into power, and heralded into a position to make changes with the Cabinet appointments which they had long bandied about, they have turned into pen-pushing bureaucrats!

Crying that he can no longer “get involved in M. Indira Gandhi’s custody case, as he is now a Cabinet minister (The Star, 13 Feb 2019),  is a feeble excuse. As a Cabinet Minister and a policy maker, if you are not able to represent the humble person, then who else can?

Why even bother holding Cabinet meetings if Cabinet Ministers are not even to raise issues which their fellow counterparts for a resolve, especially when they are in control of government agencies and enforcement details?

I can only wish to be able to comprehend the full extent on the anguish of abandonment that Indira must be facing now. My heart pains with Indira’s long separation from Prasana Diksa.

Has Kulasegaran forgotten that it was Indira who campaigned for him during the 14th general elections, speaking so highly of him? She brought him the votes and now he abandons her.

Need I say more?

Datuk Heng Seai Kie
Wanita MCA Chairman

-MCA online-

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