First Wanita MCA Chairman: Datin Paduka Chow Poh Kheng

On Thursday    16-06-2016 15:45:00

Datin Paduka Chow Poh Kheng 

On August 7, 1975, the Wanita MCA National was formally founded, and , Chow Poh Kheng was appointed as the first Wanita MCA National Chairman.

At that time, Wanita MCA had more than 40,000 women members, with over 60 divisions and 200 branches established across the country.

Under her leadership, Wanita MCA had outlined its own by-laws, and ensured that the Wanita MCA Chairman at all levels would automatically become Vice-President of MCA at all levels, and all Wanita MCA members must apply for the pink party membership card, thus representing the status and power of Wanita MCA.

After taking office, Chow Poh Kheng actively promoted women’s political movement. She launched the <Wanita MCA Ten-Point Plan of Action>, formed the <Malaysia’s Women Solidarity Movement Cooperative> on October 3, 1977, established the <Wanita MCA Diversified Home Economics Promotion Center> on December 3, 1977, and started promoting formative education and mother tongue language by setting up mother tongue language kindergartens across the country.

Subsequently, she initiated courses on kindergarten administration and teacher training, which encouraged the establishment of nurseries and also laid foundation to the development of kindergarten curriculum into CECE institutions and distance courses. These tangible efforts highlighted the contributions of women in all areas, from politics, economy, and culture to education.

Important Timeline:

On July 19, 1981, Chow Poh Kheng was appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, becoming the first Chinese woman Parliament Secretary of Malaysia.

On April 29, 1982, Chow Poh Kheng was promoted to Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports

On April 29, 1982, Chow Poh Kheng was promoted to Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports

On December 11, 1985, Chow Poh Kheng stepped down as Wanita MCA National Chairman and was appointed Permanent Honorary Chairman of Wanita MCA