Second Wanita MCA Chairman: Dato' Teng Gaik Kwan

On Thursday    16-06-2016 15:49:00

Dato’ Teng Gaik Kwan

After the party election in 1985, Dato’ Teng Gaik Kwan toolk over the helm from Datin Paduka Chow Poh Kheng, and served as Chairman of the National Wanita MCA for 14 years, until 1999

Political Background

1975 - Executive Secretary of Wanita MCA

• 1985 - Wanita MCA National Chairman and as Chairman of Wanita Perseutuan

• 03.06.86- Elected as MP for Raub

• 11.08.86- Appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Health

• 07.05.87- Appointed as Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports

• 21.10.90- Elected as MP for Raub

• 29.10.09- Appointed as Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports

• 25.04.95- Elected as MP for Raub

• 03.05.95- Appointed as Deputy Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism Ministry

• 1999 - Officially retired

During the 1980s, Wanita MCA fought for and pushed through amendments to many Acts unfavorable of women

 In order to protect the legal rights of women, Teng Gaik Kwan had as chairman, guided Wanita MCA to persevere in fighting for amendments to many Acts and had succeeded in achieving many good results, namely by rectifying clauses unfavorable to women's rights and other amendments in the Distribution Act 1985, Women and Girls Protection Act 1973, Guardianship Act 1961, provision 727 of the Penal Code, proposed amendments to the provisions of Employment & Labour laws in 1987, and adoption of the Domestic Violence Act 1994. All of these contributions had greatly enhanced the interests of Malaysian women.

In 1991, Datuk Teng Gaik Kwan launched the < Five point guidelines to a New Life for New Generation Women>, a comprehensive approach to improve the status of women in cultural, family, community and political fields. This effort had greatly strengthened women's political standing and helped women to attain a balanced development in all areas.

In 1992, Wanita MCA set up the <Young Women Workshop>; which was later promoted to become the new young women’s bureau, Beliawanis in 1993, thus becoming the first political party in the country to set up a young women’s bureau

In education, Wanita MCA launched the <Formative Education Scholarships Program> to help students pursuing diploma of early childhood education.

On August 31, 1995, Wanita MCA published the <Ji Wang Kai Lai (carry on the past and open a way for future) - Wanita MCA 1975-1995 Development History>.

On February 23, 1997, Wanita MCA launched the <Women Go Forward>, a national tour to raise awareness of women across the country. From February to May 1998, Wanita MCA also hosted the <Patriotic Rally> national tour of 5,000 to 10,000 people, setting off a patriotic movement of <United, we ride through the storm>.

January 13, 1998, Institute CECE was ssuccessfully registered with the Ministry of Education. On December 20 same year, the Institute secured permit to establish institute of higher education and formally signed agreement with Edith Cowan University to jointly offer distance courses, becoming the first pre-school teacher training institute recognized by the Edith Cowan University of Australia providing professional pre-school teacher training.

In 1996, MCA amended its Constitution and drafted new policies, and subsequently lead to the setting of 30% target for women as appointed councillors by 2000.

In 1998, MCA amended its constitution that required every division to reserve at least one central delegate seat for Wanita MCA and this seat shall be determined during the Wanita divisional general meeting.

In 1998, Wanita MCA had actively recruited women members and set up more than 100 Wanita MCA branches.