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Stop importing words or concepts that may confuse Malaysians

On Monday    18-07-2016 11:49:00

18 July 2016

Press statement by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker

Stop importing words or concepts that may confuse Malaysians

The recent public debate on the concepts of "Kafir Harbi" and "Kafir Dhimmi" and etc are disturbing and could contribute towards greater confusion, prejudice and chaos to our nation that is already under challenge.

Malaysians have our own culture and legal system of which all government servants and politicians holding public offices have sworn to uphold the legal system and the Federal  Constitution. Words “alien” or not provided in our legal system or Constitution should not be introduced or referred to with a semblance of legal force or authority when it has none in our legal system.  We are all citizens under the Federal Constitution that is the highest law of the land. There is no necessity to introduce words or concepts "alien" to our legal system which will only create further divide or in derogation of fellow citizens.

It is indeed disturbing when our culture, our value system, etc that have been providing us with a peaceful and harmonious existence are suddenly besieged with some attempts to introduce "alien" concepts into our legal system that may destroy  national harmony and create disunity.

These concepts if discussed publicly may confuse and influence nubile minds leading to more prejudices and even aggressions or physical violence along such misconceived lines.

For example of late some people started to refer to Non-Muslim as "Kafir Harbi" and "Kafir Dhimmi" in a derogatory manner. To lesser confused minds, they may be emphasising on the "taxes" to be collected or "blood" that can be drawn.

In the past, PAS President Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang had in an "Amanat Hadi" tagged UMNO members as "kafirs" leading to conflicts and emotions even among Muslims. This is unhealthy and manifested into many conflicts. 

The recent developments and high profile discussions of "Kafir Harbi" is not the least bit healthy towards nation building and cementing unity and harmony in diversity.

This is akin to giving recognition to such concepts whereby there is provided justification to “collect taxes” or "drawing of blood" allowing some irresponsible souls to take the opportunity to seek  tithes, offerings for protection, running amok or going into a rampage on peoples who hold separate ideology or faith, etc.

It is time for leaders and all to be mindful of what is good and healthy in order for the nation to progress further and not roll down into a gutter.

Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker
MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman
MCA Central Committee Member
MCA Kuantan Division Chairman

-MCA online-

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