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No catfight confusion when wolfing down “Pretzel dog” & “mata kucing”

On Wednesday    19-10-2016 17:01:00

19 October 2016

Press statement by MCA Youth Secretary General Dato’ Leong Kim Soon


No catfight confusion when wolfing down “Pretzel dog” & “mata kucing”

MCA Youth is shocked and appalled by the “request” by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)  for the name of Auntie Anne's "Pretzel dog" be changed to "Pretzel sausage" on the grounds that Muslims may be confused by the name.

Such decision is uncalled for and has made Malaysia an international laughing stock where it appears to suggest that Malaysians, Muslims or otherwise, are unable to comprehend nor distinguish whether or not food like "hot dog" and "Pretzel dog" contain dog meat. Will JAKIM then go even further to suggest that "mata kucing" cannot be consumed for it contains cats' eyes? 

MCA Youth is of the view that JAKIM as the agency in charge of halal certification should be more concerned about substance than form. In this case, or in cases of halal certification, JAKIM should be more focused on the contents and ingredients of the foods and beverages than their names.

As such, MCA Youth urges JAKIM to seriously reconsider and retract its decision which is overly concerned about names of particular foods, and instead utilise its time and effort on areas which can further enhance the status of Malaysia as a prominent global halal hub.

Dato’ Leong Kim Soon
MCA Youth Secretary General

-MCA online-

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