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DAP – the executioner of Chinese schools & education

On Wednesday    19-09-2018 12:50:00

19 Sept 2018

Press statement by MCA Publicity Bureau Deputy Chairman Lau Chin Kok

DAP – the executioner  of Chinese schools & education

DAP will become the ‘killer of Chinese education’ in the Pakatan-led government administration, from showing support for Vision School to the recent removal of Penyelia SJKC and Chinese subject, DAP is ever ready to lay a finger on Chinese education!  

DAP has previously opposed to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad’s suggestion on Vision School, claiming it was the assimilation policy of the former Barisan government, to pave the way for single-stream education. But when they were elected into positions, their stand and attitude changed abruptly. Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching, who was supposedly the defender of Chinese education, now claims that Vision Schools are able to bridge the gap between different ethnic groups, and clarified that they were not convinced when Barisan Nasional was the government.

Last week, the Chinese media revealed that the Education Ministry will remove the Penyelia SJKC for Chinese schools and the Chinese subject. Teo Nie Ching dismissed the removal as a promotion for the person in that position. When the media further revealed that only one of them is qualified for the promotion, she quickly said the decision was not finalised yet. Today what we see in the newspapers is that she is shifting the blame to her predecessor, saying that she was merely taking over the task.

The various actions taken by DAP and Teo Nie Ching against Chinese education, remind us of a similar incident occurred at a Chinese primary school in 1987. The then Education Ministry had sent education officials illiterate in the Chinese language to hold a high positions in Chinese primary schools, which infuriated the Chinese community at that time. This led to the massive arrests under Ops Lalang, and DAP stood by the Chinese community during that period. What is different now is that DAP has abandoned the Chinese community, and became the prosecutor instead.

As Teo Nie Ching had repeatedly claimed that she was a Chinese Independent High School graduate, she should thus have a heart for Chinese education. Why does she allow Chinese education to be suppressed here and there?

Did DAP feign its care towards Chinese education in the past? Was it just for a show? Otherwise, why is there a change of attitude before and after becoming the ruling coalition?

Lau Chin Kok
MCA Publicity Bureau Deputy Chairman

-MCA online-

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