Rules Governing New/ Reorganized Youth Branches

On Tuesday    15-03-2016 17:23:00

Approved and adopted during the 4th MCA National Youth Central Committee (2008-2011) Meeting held on 4th February 2009

Rules Governing the 1st General Assembly of New / Reorganized MCA Youth Branches

  1. All new / reorganized MCA Youth Branches must be established in compliance with the MCA Constitution and Youth By-laws so as to be deemed legitimate. Thus, the Youth Branch concerned must be an organization under a valid MCA Branch which must have at least twenty-five (25) valid Youth members before the issuance of the notice of the Youth Assembly.
  2. Once the Youth Branch has met the minimum requirement, the MCA Branch  concerned must call for a Committee Meeting to deliberate the formation of the Youth Branch. At least three (3) valid Youth members of the Branch must be  appointed to Youth Organizing Committee of whom they shall elect a Chairman  and a secretary amongst them.
  3. The organizing committee secretary shall execute all the decisions made in the organizing committee meeting and to send out the notice of the Youth Branch assembly & nomination form to all its valid Youth Branch members at least 14 days in advance. A duplicate copy of the notice must be sent one each to MCA Branch, MCA Divisional Youth, MCA State Youth and MCA National Youth. The agenda of the notice of Branch assembly shall include the following:All nomination forms must be submitted to the representative of the Elections  Organizing Committee and the standard nomination form as provided by the Elections Organizing Committee shall be used.

    1. The election of speaker of the assembly
    2. The address by the Organizing Chairman
    3. Election of vote-counters and scrutineers
    4. Election of Youth Branch Committee
    5. Debate
    6. Adoption of resolutions
  4. The Organizing Youth Secretary or persons conducting the elections must provide sufficient copies of nomination forms for free distribution to members.Photocopies of forms are also acceptable.
  5. Each nomination shall be submitted in triplicate; one copy to be posted on the  notice board, one copy to be kept by the committee secretary or the person in  charge of the nomination and the third copy to be acknowledged by the person accepting the nomination and then return it to the member submitting the nomination.
  6. The committee must obtain the Membership Registers from the MCA  Headquarters Organizing Bureau before sending out the notice for the assembly for writing purposes. The Membership Registers must be displayed for inspection  by members at the nomination centre and the duration of display is decided by  the Youth Branch but the Membership Registers must be displayed at least four  (4) hours before the closing time of the nomination.
  7. For adoption of resolutions, rules governing elections, election time, venue and  member’s code of conduct. (Kindly refer to Rules and Regulations Governing MCA Party Elections At All Level)
  8. The State Youth concerned shall appoint a supervisor to oversee as whether the formation / reorganization of the Youth Branch concerned is in compliance with  the required procedure.
  9. The secretary of the organizing committee is requested to immediately submit the duplicate copy of the nomination registration form to MCA Divisional Youth, MCA State Youth and MCA National Youth after the closing time of nomination.
  10. The secretary of the organizing committee is also requested to immediately submit the list of Branch office-bearers to MCA Divisional Youth, MCA State  Youth and MCA National Youth after the assembly.
  11. The Organizing Secretariat of MCA National Youth shall reply to the Youth  Branch concerned and update the Youth Membership Data in Party Headquarters within a week upon receiving the list of office bearers.