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【PRN Sabah】From Shafie to Mohamaddin, Warisan’s true face exposed

On Thursday    24-09-2020 15:51:00

24 September 2020

【PRN Sabah】From Shafie to Mohamaddin, Warisan’s true face exposed?

Warisan President Dato’ Seri Shafie Apdal has been lukewarm on the issue of Sabah’s sovereignty, and with the recent ‘sandiwara’ faux pas by Warisan Supreme Council member Dato’ Mohamaddin Ketapi, it suggests that Warisan’s guise as a Sabah loving party was ironically the real ‘sandiwara’. Some would even say their allegiance is questionable.


After Shafie became Chief Minister in 2018, the Pas Sementara Sabah (PSS) was quickly distributed to illegal immigrants, with Filipinos being the major beneficiaries. This resembles the previous Project IC started by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, which was also given the moniker as Project M.


After the defeat experienced in the Kimanis by-election, Shafie cancelled the PSS project. However, if Warisan wins the state election, there’s no guarantee the PSS will not be revived.


While Philippine dishes out unreasonable claims over areas in Sabah, Shafie naively brings the case to the Spanish courts for arbitration. Which sane person in the world would voluntarily allow their own rightful property’s ownership be decided by others? Or is there a hidden conspiracy?


That’s not all, Shafie even called for Malaysia to negotiate with the Philippines, government-to- government. This remark itself sparked the revival of the Philippine’s 30-years defunct Office of North Borneo Affairs, for the purpose of laying claims over Sabah.


These 2 actions taken by Shafie come as a shock, as there cannot be any compromises on the issue of sovereignty. Thus, Shafie’s repeated tries at allowing an opening for foreign claims is suspicious.


Hence, it may appear that Mohamaddin’s “sandiwara” talks may not be purely impulsive, but due to an innate sentiment within Warisan towards the Philippines.


No one can deny that the 2013 Lahad Datu incursion over a span of 1 month had resulted in 10 deaths among our Malaysian Police and Armed Forces from the clash at Kampung Tanduo. Furthermore, it is with their sacrifices that the incursion was quelled, even though the aftermath can still be felt to this day.


Only a heartless person can ignore all this and say that the Malaysian security forces were staging an act, bombing palm oil, and fighting with chickens and dogs. Instead of reprimanding the Filipino Suluk militants for their terrorist acts, he chose to belittle the valiant sacrifices of slain Malaysian heroes.


Thus, it can be seen, from Shafie’s stance and conduct, to Mohamaddin’s remarks, they seem to be more pro-Philippines instead of our Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku


“Sayangi Sabah”, “Sabah for Sabahans”, they all sound hollow when compared to what Warisan has actually said and done.

-Translated and edited from Lan Tian-

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