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Female shaming unacceptable; All quarters must stand up, condemn & never condone any form of sexual harassment

On Thursday    24-09-2020 15:56:00

24 September 2020

Press statement by MCA National Youth Chairperson Nicole Wong Siaw Teng

Female shaming unacceptable; All quarters must stand up, condemn & never condone any form of sexual harassment

A Facebook page, “Support DAP Fans Club” has targeted Barisan Nasional Likas candidate Dr Chang Kee Ying by disseminating a doctored photograph of her in the nude. This is a dirty, below-the-belt political tactic which warrants stern condemnation. Unfortunately, the administrators of that Facebook page deem it fit to exploit this opportunity to their advantage to humiliate Dr Chang.

Given the above-mentioned political tactics, all camps, irrespective of political affiliation should support the victim. In such a situation where the perpetrators hide behind the cyber-shroud of anonymity, they overlooked considering that their female relatives or friends may end up as the next victim.

Allowing this violation to pass by merely will only encourage shameless internet users to ramp up such vile acts further. Irresponsible social media users should immediately halt forwarding such images and report them to the authorities.

Political competition should be healthy. Prioritising the interests and welfare of the rakyat should be the primary prerequisite. Supporters of whichever political camps should battle based on ideologies, political stand and personal capabilities and let voters decide at the ballot box.

Our generation is striving hard for the next generation to bring about a better country and homeland.

Nicole Wong Siaw Teng
MCA Youth National Chairperson

-MCA Online-

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