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Heng to MP: Act as a Malaysian MP, reject Hadi's Bill on Act 355

On Thursday    24-11-2016 11:05:00

24 November 2016

Press statement by Wanita MCA Chairman Datuk Heng Seai Kie

Heng to MP: Act as a Malaysian MP, reject Hadi's Bill on Act 355

All Member of Parliament (MP) in Parliament should remember that they have been elected by the rakyat of Msia as "wakil rakyat" of multi-ethnicity and religion , therefore they are elected as Malaysian MPs and not a MP of certain religion, not Muslim MP, neither were they elected as a Buddhist , Christian or Hindu MP.

Therefore, I urge them to act professionally according to the expectations of rakyat Malaysia, which is in line with the spirit of secularism and 1 Malaysia.

Furthermore, Hadi's Private Member Bill is obviously against the Federal Constitution and violate the principle of judiciary before the law, in which everyone should be treated equal and just. Therefore, to have different sets of penalty meted out to the Muslims and non-Muslims, whereby the Muslims supposedly received heavier penalty on the same offence is unjust and against the principle of humanitarian, and will ultimately create dissatisfaction and friction within the community in the long run.

To claim that Hadi's bill only concerned Muslim is just unacceptable. As a Malaysian who lives under the same sky in this beloved country, everything happen will certainly concern us and as a Malaysian, regardless of race and religion, it is our rights and duties to decide on the direction of our country, as well as to uphold the Constitution, and nurture peace, harmony and unity of the country, more importantly is to safeguard our motherland from extremism which will eventually lead us to no way but destruction.

Therefore, I sincerely appeal to all our MPs in the Dewan Rakyat to reject Hadi's Private Bill on Act 355 today.

Datuk Heng Seai Kie

Wanita MCA Chairman

Adviser on National Unity & Integration in the Prime Minister’s Department

-MCA Online-

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