26 February 2019

Media statement by MCA Secretary General Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun

Racists & agent provocateurs like Nazri Aziz have no place in BN or moderate Malaysia

MCA is called to respond to the statement by the BN Secretary General Dato’ Seri Mohamad Nazri Aziz which is considered “rude, ego-filled and immature.”

Reflecting on the fall of the BN government in the last general election (GE), all BN component parties should concede that our own self-weaknesses had contributed towards our defeat. We all have to be reasonable and improve on our own flaws. Besides perception games and political rhetorics stirred up by Pakatan Harapan which were the driving causes leading to the BN government’s exit for the first time in 60 years, other factors which contributed towards showing BN the door are its leaders who are proud, rude, arrogant and always lulled by “syok sendiri.”

Nazri Aziz is among the names of BN leaders who are listed in this group of proud and arrogant leaders. Malaysian citizens definitely remember, loose cannon Nazri Aziz who had disparaged the reputation of renowned business magnate Robert Kuok till the words “pondan (transvestite)” and “dog” were spat out from his mouth.

On his assault on vernacular education, since when has BN practised a policy to abolish SJKC and SJKT? Was not the Education Act 1961 amended during the era of Dato’ Sri Najib Razak whereby Section 21(2) was abolished and the status of SJKC and SJKT are guaranteed under the Education Act 1996? Nazri Aziz has no place in moderate Malaysia as he does not embody the BN spirit.

Nazri Aziz epitomises the saying where "one rotten apple certainly spoils the whole barrel." Due to Nazri’s statement which reeks of racism, provocation and is irresponsible, it is us in BN who are hit.

It is pointless to ask why the majority of Malaysian citizens no longer supports BN, or why BN must be overhauled, reformed, or even dissolved when the good name of BN has been contaminated by leaders who are racist, extremist and egoistical, like Nazri Aziz.

Not only did Nazri Aziz refuse to apologise for his uncalled verbal assault on Robert Kuok, he had the audacity to wear black to a Chinese New Year do in Kedah after that incident. This is totally taboo to the Chinese. His insensitivities put off the Chinese from BN. Suffice to say, his offensive conduct does not represent values expected from a statesman or one in an exalted position.

Has Nazri forgotten? BN was originally the Alliance Party which was established together by UMNO, MCA and MIC. Other component parties came on board with a common direction in our fight when BN was formed in 1974.

BN is not solely owned by UMNO alone nor is Nazri Aziz the sole absolute owner of BN. BN on the other hand is collectively owned by all of us who have mutual respect and love for one another in the name of the BN Spirit.

Irrespective of whether MCA will continue to cooperate with UMNO in the spirit of solidarity as an Opposition, or no longer joins BN in the manner of a “coalition” but retains our close-knit friendship ties between UMNO, MCA and MIC; or remain in BN (status quo), this matter will be detailed and discussed in depth and finalised at the BN Supreme Council level.

Nevertheless, Nazri Aziz’s profanities are like a Trojan Horse which cannot be tolerated, but must be reprimanded and severed by his party UMNO. Nazri Aziz is unsuitable and does not qualify to wield the post of BN Secretary General, moreover when he holds an ugly record of apple polishing and glorifying DAP leaders as well as belittling BN component parties. If abetting with DAP and PKR is Nazri’s endeavour, MCA surely does not want Trojan Horses.

To my comrades in the UMNO leadership, take appropriate action against Nazri, failing which, Nazri’s continuation as BN Secretary General after this will certainly jeopardise the long-held close-knit relations between UMNO, MCA and MIC. Nazri cannot be allowed to escape from being sacked from his position in BN.

The UMNO, BN and the whole country must not tolerate such uncouth behaviour and MCA will not waiver in this.

Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun
MCA Secretary General

-MCA Online-