Party Constitution & Objectives

On Monday    09-02-2015 12:33:00

Party Constitution

The Party’s Constitution can be downloaded in .pdf format by clicking here.

Party’s Aims and Objectives

The Party’s aims and objectives among others:

  • To safeguard and defend the independence and sovereignty of Malaysia;
  • To safeguard and uphold the Constitution of Malaysia;
  • To uphold and safeguard the system of parliamentary and democratic government on a multi-racial basis;
  • To secure and maintain the enforcement of human rights, correction of injustice and help for the under-privileged;
  • To ensure the recognition of and the safeguarding of the legitimate rights and interests of Malaysians of Chinese descent and the legitimate rights and interests of all other communities as provided under the Malaysian Constitution;
  • To maintain, foster and promote goodwill and harmony among the citizens of various races in Malaysia to ensure the peaceful progress and growth of a strong and united nation;
  • To foster, safeguard, advance and secure the political, social, educational, cultural, economic and other interests of Malaysians of Chinese descent by legitimate and constitutional means;
  • To consider, assist and deal with problems affecting its members as a whole and to take steps as may be necessary for their welfare and advancement;
  • To promote the development and utilisation of the economic assets of the country for the benefit of the citizens of the country as a whole;
  • To work for and promote a high standard of living by increasing and improving the productivity of the country;
  • To promote and maintain social justice, economic security and equal opportunities for every citizen of this country;
  • To encourage, establish and develop co-operative activities;
  • To work with other political organisations with similar aims and objectives registered within Malaysia to encourage the healthy development of party politics;
  • To preserve and sustain the use and study of the Chinese language, and to ensure that its use, teaching or learning shall not be prohibited or prevented in the conext of Article 152 of the Malaysian Constitution; Generally to do all such acts and things not enumerated in the preceding sub-Articles for the well-being of the Party and its members.

Party Political Philosophy

The MCA’s political ideology and conception are prescribed as in its Party Constitution. They are, in brief:

  • To safeguard democracy and freedom.
  • To strive for equal status for all races in the country.
  • To uphold social justice.
  • To promote racial harmony and national unity.
  • To promote national economic and social development.
  • To safeguard the legitimate rights of the Chinese community.