Brief Info On MCA

On Friday    06-02-2015 15:26:00

Party Flag

The flag of the Party is a fourteen point yellow star on a blue background. To obtain the colour code of MCA flag, please click here.

Party Anthem

To listen to the party song, please click here.

Ma Hua Dang Ge / MCA Anthem Lyrics

Ma Hua shi min zu xian feng

Wo men shi guo jia dong liang

Huang huang de dang xun zai wei hu xian fa min zhu zi you

Ai guo de tian zhi geng gu wu

Wo men gong tong fen yong qian jin

同心协力 刻苦坚勒
Tong xin xie li ke ku jian ren

披荆斩棘 团结一致
Pi jing zhan ji tuan jie yi zhi

Chao xiang zhe shen sheng mu biao

Zheng qu gong ping she hui shi xian

Party Pledge

 We the MCA members, Pledge:

1.            To serve Our Party and Country with Loyalty, To Develop a Just Society;

2.            To Uphold the Federal Constitution and To Protect Democratic Freedoms;

3.            To Adhere to Party Discipline, and To Uphold MCA’s Honour;

4.            To Obey Party Leaders and To Pursue Our Party’s Direction;

5.            To Respect and Love for Our Comrades, and To Fortify Unity;

6.            To Commit towards Concerted Actions to Propagate Our Glorious Culture and Traditions;

7.            To Be Indomitable in the Implementation of Our Political Objectives; and,

8.            Together, To Whole-heartedly Promote National Unity.