Code & Conduct For MCA Members

On Monday    09-02-2015 15:58:00

This code of conduct was formulated by the Central Committee on January 20, 2005, and was amended by the Central Committee on January 23, 2007.

To be an effective political Party respected by all, the reputation and image of MCA should be upheld and enhanced by all its members. Therefore, it is important that the Party’s orderliness, decorum and discipline must be maintained at all times. To achieve this, all members shall abide by the following Code of Conduct:

    1. All members shall abide by the Party Constitution and Members’ Code of Conduct.
    2. All members shall carry out Party policies faithfully.
    3. All members shall support, participate, co-operate and carry out activities outlined by the Party.
    4. All members shall uphold the Party’s reputation and image.
    5. All members shall not disclose any confidential matters discussed at any Party meetings.
    6. All members shall not accuse or criticise the Party and/or its leaders and members based on hearsay or unfounded facts.
    7. All members shall abide and respect the decisions made by the Party, and shall not make public through media or any manner whatsoever any opinion or stand that is contrary to the Party’s decisions.
    8. All members shall resolve all disputes and dissatisfactions through appropriate Party channels.
    9. Any member who holds Permanent Resident Status of another country shall not be permitted to participate in the General Elections and to hold the position of a Senator, Municipal or District Councillor.
    10. To curb money politics, all leaders, members or their agents and supporters are not allowed to solicit Party members support via means of giving cash, providing free meals, vacations or gifts, promising Party or Government positions and other like manners which will give rise to the suspicion of money politics.
    1. Office-bearers at all respective levels in the Party shall manage the Party’s finance and property properly.
    2. Treasurer and Chairman/Secretary at all respective levels in the Party shall be the joint signatories of the bank accounts.
    3. Office-bearers at all respective levels in the Party shall submit their annual finance and property report to the Treasurer-General. The Treasurer and the Chairman/Secretary shall sign this report jointly.
    4. Immediately after the Party’s election result are announced, outgoing office-bearers shall not withdraw any money from the existing accounts and are required to hand-over the property/ies, account and other documents to the newly elected office-bearers within seven (7) days after the results are announced.
    5. Management of all property and Party money shall strictly comply with Part XVII of the Party Constitution.
    All qualified members shall have the right to contest for posts during the Party elections in accordance with the Party Constitution. No member is allowed to hinder or stop or attempt to hinder or stop a qualified member from exercising his or her right to contest. The following rules must be strictly observed:
    1. Party members who are contesting for posts themselves or campaigning for other candidates shall ensure that the Party elections will be carried out in a fair and healthy manner.
    2. Any statement, utterance or propaganda of any kind (including via internet, short messaging service and e-mails) deployed during the campaigning period of the Party elections must be based on the candidates’ past or current track records, performances, their future policies, plans or action programmes. Destructive utterances, fabrication or distortion of facts and misleading statements shall be strictly PROHIBITED.
    3. Members attending any function or dinner organised by the Party Headquarters during the Party election period shall abide with all instructions given by the Party Headquarters on accommodation, meals and any other logistic arrangements.
    4. Any dispute arising from the Party elections shall be brought up to the Headquarters Party Elections Steering Committee for resolution. No dispute shall be brought to the mass media or made public.
    1. Members are allowed to offer themselves for nomination in the General Election through the proper Party channels. However, once the Party has made the final decision on the candidate for any Parliamentary or State Assembly seat, all members are required to support the candidate wholeheartedly.
    2. Members are not allowed to support or to work for the opposition in any capacity, including house to house campaign, soliciting funds, putting up banners for opposition candidates and printing of election materials.
    3. Members are not allowed to participate in or support any activities organised by the opposition.