Code & Conduct For MCA Elected Representatives

On Monday    09-02-2015 16:07:00

Incorporated all the amendments approved & adopted by the MCA Central Committee Meeting up to 23.01.2007.

This code of conduct was formulated by the Central Committee on July 19, 2004, and was amended by the Central Committee on January 23, 2007.

  1. Duties & Responsibilities
    1. All MCA Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen are required to abide strictly by all rules & regulations stipulated by the Party and Barisan Nasional.
    2. MCA’s elected representatives shall maintain a good record of attendance of all Parliament/State Assembly sessions. Members are also advised to familiarise themselves with the Standing Orders, house rules or any regulations in order to participate effectively.
    3. All MCA elected representatives are required to carry out their own analysis and research on the Bills/Enactment and Amendments that are to be presented in Parliament/State Assemblies in order to ensure that the BN and Party’s policies will benefit the nation and the people they represent.
    4. All MCA representatives must abide by their oath of office and to maintain the confidentiality of all classified information.
    5. All MCA elected representatives must follow the Government’s guidelines when using the funds allocated for their constituencies. Elected representatives must submit their annual allocation report to the Party President within one month after the financial year ended.
  2. Roles and Services at the Constituency Level
    1. All elected representatives must set up service centres with full time employee to receive complaints and resolve problems faced by constituents. Proper records should be maintained and all complaints should be handled professionally. The elected representatives may appoint assistants or party representatives within the constituency to assist their day-to-day activities. They must however monitor and do follow-ups to ensure efficiency in their community services.
    2. All elected representatives must visit their constituencies regularly to establish rapport with the electorate.
    3. In the process, all elected representatives must familiarise themselves with problems affecting the livelihood of the people and identify areas where public amenities such as medical services, education and public infrastructure can be improved. In addition, the representatives must familiarise themselves with the legal framework and government procedures to serve the people better. Representatives must also ensure that BN’s promises to the electorates be delivered.
    4. All representatives must document their working performance and programme to serve the people. A five-year development plan on their respective constituencies must be drawn up and submitted to the Chairman of the MCA’s elected representatives monitoring body within three months of being elected.
  3. Loyalty to Party
    1. All elected representatives must abide by the MCA and BN Code of Conduct to uphold the good image and discipline of the Party.
    2. As automatic delegates to the Party’s General Assembly, State Liaison and Division Committees, all elected representatives, shall attend the respective meetings and participate in discussions and decision-makings.
    3. All elected representatives must support the Party’s resolutions and projects carried out by the MCA Central and State Liaison Committees. They should also participate actively in various activities organised by the respective Divisions.
    4. All elected representatives must maintain good relationship and interact with Party divisions in their constituencies and State Liaison Committees.
    5. All seats and government positions are allocated at the sole discretion of the Party leadership and MCA may replace candidate from time-to time. All elected representatives must therefore abide by all decisions made by the Party leadership.