3Dimensional Heart Care-A Preventive Health Care

MCA NGO Bureau will co-organize a 3Dimensional Heart Care talk by BK Dr.Satish Gupta together with Brahma Kumaris Malaysia at Wisma MCA, 3rd Floor, Auditorium, 163, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur at 7.00pm today Thursday 28, April 2011.
Dr. Gupta is a world renowned highly qualifies and recognised cardiologist. He obtained his MBBS from Delhi University and was awarded Fellowship by College of Chest Physicians , the Indian Academy of Echo-cardiography, and the International Medical Sciences Academy. He has successfully created A Model of Human Health for the 21st century which integrates physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human being, that could prevent angina and heart attack.

Among others, his long list of prestigious International Awards and Medals of Honour in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the world in Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation is as follows:

(1) International award for Excelling in Medicine for 21st. Century from United Nation Organisation and IAEWP

(2) International Award for Medical Excellence & Gold Medal from ISC, New Delhi

(3) International Scientist of the Year & Outstanding Scientist Awards from IBS, Cambridge England.

(4) Outstanding Scientist of the 21st Century & Millenium Medal of Honor Awards by ABI, USA

(5) Lifetime Achievement Awards from President of india.

It is indeed our pleasure to invite the public to this meaningful healt talk. MCA had traditionally worked together with orthodox Chinese NGOs, clans associations and chambers of commerce. The formation of the NGO Bureau is to reach out to all NGOs. Since our formation, we have organised a dinner in conjunction with the Chinese New Year with the participation of hundreds of NGOs including BAR Council, Sisters In Islam , Brahma Kumaris and many other religious and non-governmental organisations successfully.

We are happy to reach out to more multi-racial and multi-religious organisations in line with the spirit of 1Malaysia and towards bridging closer cooperation and

integration amongst all Malaysians in a political scenario whereby Malaysians are becoming more vocal and assertive of their respective ethnic, economic , religious and cultural rights.

In order for the spirit of 1 Malaysia to prevail, we must all put our hands together and bridge common understandings and goals towards greater health, wealth and compromises in the walk towards humanity, justice, unity and harmony.

MCA as a political organisation has always placed services to the community, society, nation and humanity as a priority. Although we are directly involved in partisan politics, we have never lost sight of the greater virtues of welfare services, health and eradication of poverty.

Our success in extending our energy and resources to the needy have given a false impression and allowed critics to accuse us of being a welfare organisation and thus deemed ineffective politically. Many political parties have ignored our services to the Rakyat and resorted to radicalism, chauvinism, extremism and fanatism which are more effective politically in the short term. MCA will not compromise on the services to the community and nation and had thus continue with our 1MCA Health Foundation and 1Malaysia Community Services etc

We believe that extremism begets extremism and it is very wrong indeed to sacrifice the nations’s goodwill, cooperation and harmony cultivated by our founders Tun Onn Jaafar, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun Sambanthan. We regret to note that this healthy political process has since been replaced by ugly, unhealthy over-politicking in the name of freedom and democracy. MCA believes in more services and less divisive politicking at the risk of being seen to be weak, ineffiminate and politically ineffective.

Once again, we called upon all NGOs to come forward and join us in pursuing our common goals of service first. We hope with the availability of our resources and the passions and expertise of all NGOs , we can cooperate on a smart partnership towards an all win situation to the nation.

Hidup 1Malaysia !

Datuk Ti Lian Ker
Chairman of MCA NGO Bureau


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