DAP Johor labeling karaoke enthusiasts as “thieves” a continuation of their jaundiced categorization of ordinary M’sians – Johor MCA

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Press Statement by MCA Johor State Deputy Chairman Jason Teoh Sew Hock

DAP Johor labeling karaoke enthusiasts as “thieves” a continuation of their jaundiced categorization of ordinary M’sians – Johor MCA

Having read The Star this morning, my empathies lay with the group of karaoke enthusiasts who clearly were offended with Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau’s pantun degrading karaoke enthusiasts as thieves during the Johor state assembly sitting on 12 Dec ‘11.

Then again, I am also not surprised with DAP’s antics of negative stereotype identification. It was only about a fortnight ago when DAP Perak Secretary Nga Kor Ming labeled dark complexion people as “black metallic b–t-rd” and Perak state as “Darul Kartun”.

Ever the trouble-maker

It comes as nothing new for Dr Boo to always court trouble. If not intra-party slingshots, Dr Boo would be throwing verbal punches with PKR Johor on seats to be contested which have resulted with heated negotiations that collapsed.

From quarrelling with fellow DAP Johor comrades on facebook, to inter-coalition twitter spats over seat allocation, all these point to the Opposition jostling for power as they can never reach a consensus.

This time however, Dr Boo sinks to new lows as he targets simple folks who just would like to enjoy crooning in the company of friends. DAP must not make ordinary Malaysians scapegoats for their prejudices or power struggles.

Responsible karaoke sessions promote goodwill & fellowship

Karaoke sessions, if practised responsibly, can encourage better human rapport among family members, friends and colleagues. During festive sessions or celebrating birthdays, family members and friends gather and sing. Similarly, employers may treat their workers at karaoke session at the end of the year in appreciation for their hard work. All these are carried out in good faith which can also enhance esprit de corp.  

Silence where thievery of meaningful, quality of life takes place     

If Dr Boo is so concerned about thieves, why doesn’t he ask the Selangor state government to clamp down on the mushrooming illegal cybercafés, gambling joints and massage parlours which Selangor DAP Exco Ronnie Liu still fails to overcome? Such illegal centres spiked after the Pakatan Rakyat took over the state government in 2008 and they really are responsible for family breakups or school students playing truant – a bigger daylight robbery of what could have been meaningful time, happy marriages and quality lives but are now wasted away.  

Jason Teoh Sew Hock
MCA Johor State Vice Chairman

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