Elton John protest was cancelled as a ploy to win more votes

On November 23, 2011, in MCA Youth, Statements & Commentaries

23 November 2011

Press Statement by MCA Youth Secretary-General Dato’ Chai Kim Sen ridiculing the excuse given by PAS Youth in cancelling their protest against Elton John’s concert

Elton John protest was cancelled as a ploy to win more votes

The decision by PAS Youth to cancel their planned protest against Elton John is obviously done in consideration for the coming General Elections. PAS Youth have in the past constantly protested against many concerts, but now they have canceled their protest in order to win the support of both the conservative and liberal members. 

The last minute cancellation of the protest has made many people suspicious about the motive behind this move and if it was done to win votes. This is because PAS wants to balance the conservative supporters and the more liberal supporters within their party, so they plan a protest but call it off at the last minute by giving a lame excuse. That is their way of doing damage control.

According to reports, PAS Youth had said earlier on that they plan to protest against Elton John’s concert in Genting Highlands, but now they give a lame excuse saying that they want to focus on their preparations for the General Elections instead.

PAS has always been implementing policies which affect the interests of non-Muslims. For example, during a New Year countdown celebration in Kedah, the Kedah PAS state government had banned men and women from sitting together.

All this shows that PAS plans to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state. The Kelantan State Assembly has already announced its intentions to implement hudud laws, and now Kedah has also said that they plan to follow Kelantan. PAS has obviously ignored the Pakatan Rakyat common policy framework as written in their Buku Jingga. 

Dato’ Chai Kim Sen
MCA Youth Secretary-General

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