MCA vehemently repudiates Perkasa’s call to burn Malay language Bibles

On January 22, 2013, in Statements & Commentaries

MCA HQ, 22 Jan-Reporters who had converged on the sixth floor of MCA Headquarters had asked the MCA President Datuk Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek for his comments on the controversial implorations to burn Malay language and Jawi script Bibles which contain the word “Allah” by the Member of Parliament for Pasir Mas who won that seat on a PAS ticket.

“I hope all Malaysians will respect the religion of everybody be it Islam or Christianity,” the party chief accentuated. He added that “we have been practising this mutual respect since Independence. The level of tolerance is exemplary.”

Soi Lek then chastised the attempts by Pakatan parties to politicize any topic when the opportunity presented itself. “It is because every issue is politicised by the Opposition, including the “Allah” issue. It is unfortunate. It has never been a problem. Why suddenly become a problem?”

Soi Lek then advised that “there is no need to prolong or add to a debate which has been settled since Independence,” before pointing out that “it all started because Lim Guan Eng wanted to score points again.”

To another question on the Perkasa President’s threat to withdraw support for MCA, Soi Lek immediately repudiated that “No, no. We cannot respond to people who threaten us to withdraw support. We welcome support but that is based on mutual understanding and respect. It applies to everyone and not only Perkasa. There should be mutual tolerance and sensitivity to every race and religion.”

DAP unleashed “Allah” controversy to serve own selfish end

To a question on Guan Eng’s silence and failure to respond on the “Allah” controversy which he had ignited, the MCA President lambasted the DAP Secretary General. “I have said that Guan Eng is a fire starter. He wants multiracial Malaysians to fight, and he hopes that is a tense situation and environment, he will win.”

On the other hand, MCA is different -  a point succinctly pointed out by Soi Lek. “We prioritise unity and stability above politicizing for the sake of politicising. We are opposite of the Opposition.”

He then took DAP to task for portraying themselves as battling for the Chinese community when in actual fact, they are feeble and helpless in the face of PAS’ theocratic ways. “There is no difference between DAP and PAS. DAP gives power to PAS. It is PAS which becomes the taikor. But to the Chinese community, DAP depicts itself as emperor, tokong. But in front of PAS, they are not brave. They are political eunuchs!”

Soi Lek also chided DAP for abusing the “Allah” debate. “It becomes too clear that the entire “Allah” terminology issue proves that DAP manipulates “Allah” for their political interest. This should not be, because we are multiracial peoples, and all races should respect the sensitivity of all.”

To another question on the possibility of MCA losing non-Muslim support if our party does not give strong signal, Soi Lek concretely rejected such a notion. “No. We felt that the general principle is there. Everybody has mutual respect.”

Soi Lek also strongly rejected the Perkasa President’s suggestion to burn the Malay language Bibles. “No need to threaten people with burning. What happens if the Muslims say they will burn other people’s scripture? It is wrong. It is not good. There is no need to prolong the debate which is sensitive. It doesn’t do any good and will do more harm.”

Too many people have raised sensitive issues

To a question if the Attorney General should charge Ibrahim Ali for sedition over the “burn Malay Bibles” remarks, the party chief pointed out that “in that case, a lot of people will have to be charged in the last 5 years. A lot of people have been talking about sensitive issues in the last 5 years. Let us be fair. I myself talk about sensitive issues. Guan Eng – non stop. Ibrahim Ali non- stop on sensitive issue. Mat Sabu and Hadi Awang on sensitive issues – non stop. The whole country – a lot of people need to be charged!”

On a separate matter regarding the division of seats for the 13th general election whereby the Dewan Rakyat must be dissolved by late April this year, Soi Lek responded that “the Prime Minister said that the list is almost selesai (completed) but not muktamad (final). And because it is not muktamad, I don’t have clear picture, and thus I am unable to share with you.”

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