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On February 26, 2008, in Complaints & Actions

Having been in public service for 21 years, MCA Public Service and Complaints Department (PSCD) head, Datuk Michael Chong today expressed his gratitude to all, i.e. MCA the party, the media and the general public who have helped him in solving cases which ranged from Ah Longs, missing people, children in need of funds for operation as their parents couldn’t afford the treatment, or bringing home deceased Malaysians who passed away abroad.

“Some of the children who I helped ten years ago are now eligible to vote. I would like to ask them to support MCA in voting for Barisan Nasional during the general elections.” Just before, Chong explained that yesterday, he had received a call from a mother whose child was aided by the PSCD and that she wants to support MCA in anyway.

Chong refuted a reporter’s question who asked if his help appeared more to be like shoring for votes. “if our MCA candidates win, my work is light. MCA is about teamwork. I can only be successful with the help from the authorities, media and general public. I’m not a politician, have no interest in it. I’m a social worker. The party, MCA, media and general public helps me. I’d like to appeal to those whom we have helped to please return your help to the candidate. I will go through their files and give them a call to remind them that it is their turn to help MCA.”

Thumbs up for Sdr Lee Li Yew, MCA candidate for Selayang
Reporters also posed him personal question like where he’d cast his ballot come 8 March 2008. “I’ll be voting in Selayang.” Reporters immediately then asked Chong about the MCA candidate Sdr Lee Li Yew who has been fielded in Selayang, formerly held by MCA Deputy President Dato’ Sri Chan Kong Choy who announced that he would not be running in this election.

“Lee Li Yew stands a good chance of winning because he has worked with Dato’ Tang See Hang for over ten years. He was the Vanguard chief of Selayang. The most important thing is that Li Yew is born in Rawang. He has a family there. He is young and energetic and he knows the needs of the constituency. He was also a Councillor, hence everyone knows him,” Chong said.

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