Results of the MCA EGM Resolutions 20 Oct 2013

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Results of the MCA Extraordinary General Meeting Resolutions

20 October 2013

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was convened by MCA on 20 October 2013 whereby turnout of central delegates of whom 2,199 (92.2%) attended out of 2,385.

Results of the Resolutions are as follows:

Resolution 1: That the Deputy President Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai be censured on the following grounds:

i) Refusal to accept and respect the collective decision of the Presidential Council and Central committee in which he participated, e.g. disciplinary cases etc.;

ii) For failing in his duty as Chairman of the General Election Preparation Committee to carry out all necessary preparations, implementing an effective strategy and good media relations hence causing the contributing to the massive losses faced by MCA in the 505 General Election;

The actions of Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai has resulted in the image of the Party being tarnished and has provoked party member infighting after the 505 General Election

a) AGREE: 965 (44%)

b) DISAGREE:  1,190 (54%)

Majority: 225

Spoilt Votes: 34

Total Votes: 2,189

Resolution 2: To revoke the Party Resolution passed at the AGM of 2011 and the AGM of 2012 in order to enable members of the MAC accepting Ministerial, Deputy Ministerial or any other Cabinet posts

a) AGREE: 1,080 (49%)

b) DISAGREE:  1,090 (50%)

Majority: 10

Spoilt Votes: 18

Total Votes: 2,188

Resolution 3: That party members shall accept appointments as Senators or any other positions in Government, e.g. Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital and Government-Linked Companies

a) AGREE 1,666 (76%)

b) DISAGREE; 513 (23%)

Majority: 1,153

Spoilt Votes: 10

Total Votes: 2,189

Resolution 4: That Party members shall accept appointments at the state level: State EXCOs, Ahli Majlis, Ketua Masyarakat, Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital or other state governmental posts as deemed essential for  the Party

a) AGREE 1709 (78%)

b) DISAGREE; 472 (22%)

Majority: 1,237

Spoilt Votes: 7

Total Votes: 2,188

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