Yen Yen clarifies “RM1.8 million for social media advertising, not for Facebook page”

On June 15, 2011, in Statements & Commentaries

MATiC, 15 June – Tourism Minister Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen called a press conference to settle the storm of confusion surrounding a recent statement by DAP’s Anthony Loke stating her department spent RM1.8 million on a Facebook page.

“The RM1.8 million is for a social media campaign, everyone knows a Facebook page is free to make. Loke’s statements were intended to mislead the public,” she said. In the conference, Yen Yen stated that the RM1.8 million was part of the RM30 million annual tourism advertisement funds to increase revenue from tourism. “The RM 1.8 million is used for four things, to develop publicity for 6 major tourist events, to monitor the response to those events, to collect data on effective strategies for advertising the events and evaluating the success of the campaigns. The money is not to set up a page, it is for new social media advertising efforts.”

“Advertising through social media is new, it’s not easy, nor is it cheap.” Yen Yen said defending the cost of the project. But to put Malaysia’s numbers in perspective, Australia announced a RM450 million over three year spending plan for social media advertising for tourism. The state of Queensland alone is spending RM5 million. The Philippines is spending RM 7 million and Thailand plans to raise budget for social media tourism advertising by 40% in the next year. All of these investments go beyond the physical Facebook page, they go into the advertisements.

Taking a direct line against Rasah MP Anthony Loke’s claim that DAP technicians can help her set up a Facebook page for no cost, she points out that in the first month of the new advertising campaign, started May 18th, already has 25,000 fans. The Penang tourism page, which has been up for 2 years, only has 120,000 fans, which is Yen Yen’s 6 month goal.

DAP seeks only to mislead

This childhood politicking is typical of DAP leadership, who are so eager to slam everything BN does, they cannot even take a minute to think about what they are saying. If Anthony Loke had thought about what he was saying before releasing a statement to the media, he would have realized that he was making a total fool of himself. Unlucky for him, his flagrant misinterpretations of Yen Yen’s advertising efforts only gave her more publicity while casting shame on DAP.

Actions of Immigration Department wrong

In the second part of the conference, Yen Yen publicly supported the inquiry into the 2 Singapore girls who were forced to strip and squat for passing immigration on their way into the country. She felt as if the actions taken by the immigration agents were unnecessary and she fully supported the inquiry into the matter to punish those at fault for excessive use of force. Making sure there are checks in place to investigate breaches in police protocol are vitally important to the well being of Malaysians. Supporting the inquiries is a step forward in the Prime Minister’s “People First Performance Now” campaign.

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