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Michael Chong looking for help finding two people tortured in video

On Wednesday    01-06-2022 13:29:00

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Michael Chong is looking for help identifying two people being tortured in a video he received.

"In the video you can see a man and a woman being tasered. Now I believe these are victims of human trafficking but I am unsure if they are indeed Malaysians," said Chong at a press conference on Tuesday (May 31).

The videos showed a man and a woman crying for help, and in the first video, the handcuffed victim is seen being tasered.

In the second video, the handcuffed woman is crying as the sound of the taser can be heard off camera.

The MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head said that two videos were sent to him on Monday (May 30) by one of his contacts.

"I am urging parents to come forward to the authorities and to me directly if they recognise them," said Chong.

He added that despite issuing numerous warnings through the media, he still received complaints of Malaysian victims being duped by bogus jobs overseas.

"I still get calls in May. If it is a proper job surely it would be done in a professional manner instead of using these illegal routes to get to your destinations," said Chong.

"The victims will go, and then call their parents after a week or so crying for help. And we also have seen parents paying ransoms to bring back their children but these syndicates just take their money and disappear," he said.

-The STAR-

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