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More creativity in SJKC teaching methods revamp

On Wednesday    19-04-2017 16:42:00

More creativity in SJKC teaching methods revamp

MCA HQ, 19 Apr - MCA Youth National Chairman Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon accompanied by representatives from the Malaysian Chinese Language Council, Federation of Chinese Associations (Hua Zong), United Chinese School Teachers Association (Jiao Zong) at a press conference today gave insights on revamps of teaching methods for Chinese primary schools (SJKC).

He informed that since 28 Julai 2016, 13 Chinese education associations including Dong Zong, Hua Zong and Dong Jiao Zong in Malaysia have participated in discussion seminars involving SJKC teaching reforms. “After a few rounds of discussion, we summarise that, a series of programmes will be implemented to revamp the teaching method.”

“We have identified four primary programmes to increase the quality of teaching are: The first one is a preparation workshop before entering the classroom; Secondly, programme/courses to increase the teaching quality for the Chinese subject; thirdly, awareness campaign for parents and, the fourth on, mass reading plan.”

Sin Woon who is also the Deputy Education Minister explained that “we want to encourage our people to read more because by reading more will enable our students to be more creative, more knowledgeable and master more vocabulary.”

Sin Woon further clarified, “as MCA has spent so much of time, resources and efforts in bringing up and upgrading the facilities of SJKC before, it is the time for us to focus on the quality of education.”

Detailing that “under the Education Blueprint, we are now entering the second phase. We have revamped teaching methods in the classroom to be more interactive and more creative. We also put in the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) programme,” Sin Woon pointed out that “the SJKC should also follow too to keep up with all these reforms by the Education Ministry. So we also want to see SJKC change the way of teaching, not so much of exam-based but more on creative education teaching methods.”

The revamp is also aimed at synchronising with guidelines by the Ministry of Education. “Each Chinese organisation will do their part on organising different programmes and activities involving SJKC teaching method reform,” before highlighting that “a series of SJKC teaching method reform programmes and activities will be launched starting from May this year.”

In the meantime, the representatives from the Malaysian Chinese Language Council, Huazong, and Jiaozong expressed their unanimous support and suggestions.

Video Clip: A group of Malay teachers debating in Mandarin in Beijing

On a separate issue, regarding a video clip showing a group of women attired in a Muslim headscarf debating in Mandarin purportedly in Beijing which has gone viral on social media with an accompanying description that SJKC will soon by run by Malays, Sin Woon conveyed that the issue “has become of great concern as there are people distorting the matter.”

Lamenting that “originally, when Malay teachers debated smoothly in the Chinese language, this was a good thing and something to be proud of in Malaysia,” Sin Woon bemoaned that “detractors have distorted the incident and spread false news. This has created panic among the public.” He lambasted detractors who claimed that the Malay teachers will replaced the position of Chinese teachers in SJKC as well as the position of headmaster.

“I need to clarify that such evil, vicious and irresponsible rumours are totally false. When the Malay students have returned from overseas, they will not sent to SJKC. They will not replace the position of Chinese teachers in SJKC,” he stressed.

Dismissing such rumours, Sin Woon affirmed that “these students will posted to national schools or SK once they return from their overseas studies.” In  disclosing the number of Malay students sent to Beijing Foreign University and Beijing Language and Cultural University to study the Chinese language, Sin Woon listed that in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the Ministry of Education sent 10 students each year to China for Chinese education. In 2009 and 2011, Malaysia sent 54 and 6 students overseas respectively to study Chinese.

At the end of the press conference, Sin Woon reiterated his imploration to detractors to “stop the rumour from now for God’s sake!”

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